We are

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We are Community Solutions Consortium

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We are Community Solutions Consortium, a group of West Sussex based health and social care charities who work together to create lasting and impactful change.

We believe that we are better when we work together. By pooling our skills, resources and experience we can create better outcomes for the people we support.

Our impact

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Every year we collectively support tens of thousands of people all across West Sussex. We specialise in working with older people, disabled people, people with learning disabilities, people with sensory impairments, people with mental health issues and family, friends and carers.

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Together we have reached more than 50,000 people across West Sussex.

The impact that we collectively have on West Sussex residents is massive. We help people live independently via a range of services and support.

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Our combined spending power during 2021-22 was more than £22million.

Our collective spending power allows us to shape and influence health and social care within West Sussex and nationally. 

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Between us we employed more than 650 staff across a wide range of roles.

Working together we are a major employer of people in West Sussex and are able to create better outcomes for our workforce. 

Our members

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Community Solutions Consortium membership is comprised of charities providing support and services within West Sussex.

We specialise in working with older people, disabled people, people with learning disabilities, people with sensory impairments, people with mental health issues and family, friends and carers.

Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove

Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove is a local, independent charity that has been supporting older people across the county for over 65 years.

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Aldingbourne Trust support people with learning disabilities and / or autism to reach their potential across Sussex & in Portsmouth.

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Carers Support West Sussex is an independent charity in West Sussex dedicated to improving the support provided to unpaid carers, to enable them to have a good quality of life, access to information, guidance, and encourage independence, to give carers a choice of a life alongside their caring role.

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Citizens Advice West Sussex is an independent, local charity helping people of all ages and backgrounds. Supported by many volunteers.

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Healthwatch West Sussex is your health and social care champion. If you use GPs and hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, care homes or other support services, we want to hear about your experiences.

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Independent Lives is a user-led charity and social enterprise working to change the lives of disabled people, people with support needs and carers.

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West Sussex Mind is an independent local charity. We support people with their mental health, provide specialist training and campaign to improve services and promote understanding. 

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4Sight Vision Support is an independent charity providing specialist advice and support for blind and sight impaired people of all ages across West Sussex enabling them to live life without limits.

Our stories

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At the heart of everything we do are the people we support, their family and carers. Numbers only tell half the story and our true impact can only be communicated through the first hand stories of the people we support.

Emma and her baby

Emma's story

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West Sussex Mind helped to turn Emma's life around after she had her child.


Jordan's story

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Jordan needed help with his housing which Aldingbourne Trust were able to provide.


Katherine's story

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4Sight Vision Support helped Katherine who was struggling with her vision.


Edith's story

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Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove supported Edith following a length stay in hospital.


David's story

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David was feeling overwhelmed as a carer until Carers Support West Sussex stepped in to help.


Diane's story

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Diane has been receiving care from Independent Lives for four years and they have helped transform her life.

* Please note - some names, images and details have been altered to protect individuals privacy. Some case studies have been re-written in a first person narrative for ease of reading.

Cost of living

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In September 2022, members of staff from across the consortium came together to discus the cost of living crisis. Staff worked together to better understand the issues being experienced by the people we support and how we can work together to provide more effective and targeted support to those who need it the most.


Supporting more people now and in the future

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Members of the consortium have been working hard to secure funding which will enable growth and innovative solutions to the sectors challenges. Highlights from the year include:

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Independent Lives launched PA Pages, a new online portal for personal assistants and the people who employ them.

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4Sight Vision Support were awarded with The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service and well as receiving a commendation for their covid-19 support.

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Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove launched a number of new services included dementia support, digital inclusion and bereavement services.

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Aldingbourne Trust supported 115 people into paid work through their supported employment services.

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West Sussex Mind launched Help Point, its new information, advice and sign posting service. In its first nine months it support 1,457 individuals.

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Carers Support West Sussex helped 495 carers with hardship grants with values ranging from £32 to £520.

In case you missed it

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Incase you missed last years Community Solutions Consortium impact report, you can download it below. Read about how we worked together to manage covid-19 and breed innovation through our organisations.